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Welcome to       
The Stavik Lighthouse
 Värmland Sweden


Staviken buildings, the place, and some facts

The Staviken Lighthouse Stations original buildings are more or less in original condition from 1860.
We have renovated the outside of all houses and the lighthouse.



Pier and Pier house from 2011


During 2009-2011 we have been designing and constructing the pier and the pier house.

This added function gives us both new possibilities, a totally for the place new standard, and even more close contact to the water on the west side!

Under the separate page Pier House we will gradually inform about ready and ongoing projects.




The Cottage

The house is one room and kitchen with vestibule, 45 m2 / 485 ft².

No electrical heating.


There is 230 V electricity in the cottage, lighthouse and outhouse.


During winter and spring 2012, the cottage is under a total restoration. Hopefully ready during summer 2012.






The room, under restoration

In the room we have 4 beds, 2 in a bunk bed and 2 with spring mattress.

There is a tiled stove in the room that was restored 2006. No electrical heating.





The kitchen, under restoration

The kitchen has an iron wood stove and an electric bench stove with two plates and an oven, a microwave oven, freezer, two bench refrigerator, toaster, TV with VHS video.

There is room for 10-12 people to eat inside, but in the summertime’s we usually eat out!

The kitchen has no water or sewage only  a bucket for lake water and one for slops.

Cold drink water we have in a 10 l can.


The outdoor sink and shower 

We wash up outside at a sink with electric pump with hot and cold lake water. We use lake water for washing, dishes and all cooking, as tea, coffee, etc.

Sink and shower located directly to the right of the cottage in the above photo .



Krikonstugan is a small timber cottage. Size is about 5 m2.

There are a bed for 2 people on the ground floor, approximately 140x200 cm

1 or 2 children can sleep on the loft. 120x200 cm. 120x200 cm.

No heating.


No electricity, but paraffin lamp at night and two windows in the day gives light.

The name comes from all the bullace bushes around.

A long time ago Krikonstugan was a henhouse, now totally cleaned out and now a very cosy place to stay.

In the panoramic photo above the Krikonstugan is the little white dot at the far right.


The lighthouse

The lighthouse is a 13,5 m, high wooden tower with wood panelling, 6 m in diameter at the base.

The shape is hexagonal, and the lighthouse has four floors with lantern at the top. Total floor space is approximately  40 m2


The lighthouse is in operation, and lights automatically every night.
(No disturbing noise!)


Some heating in main room! 

A little unclear how good the heating is during strong winter conditions! It will be well over freezing!







The ground floor


On the ground floor there is first of a hall or stairwells and beyond a room with 3 beds.

One bed for 2 persons to the left, one to the right for 1 person. And at a loft via a ladder approx. 2, 5 meters up, 2 persons can sleep in a 4 m long bed along the wall.



The second floor


On the second floor there is a place for quiet moments!

When needed a couple of mattresses can be placed here.






The third floor

On the third floor there  it is one (narrow) bed.




Living, bath, etc in general

Outside privy only. In connection to outbuilding there is a dry "toilet" with lake water for hand wash.



View from privy



Above the houses we have a barbecue place and a large wooden terrace with lake view in three directions.

Strutsholmen in the back ground.



At the North and East side there is flat rocks in to the water, nice for swimming, approx. 250m/yards along the site.

The lake water is freshwater. The water temp is depending on season and wind direction. In July and August it uses to be 20° C ± 4° C, 68 F (62-75 F) .
Photo from East side, coffe and morning dipp!



Photo from the north point of the rocks.



On the West side or bay side, where the floating stage is located, there are more gravel and sand with some reed.



On the island "Strutsholmen", 700 yards North, there is a small sand beach and a lot of rocks. 1-2 mi North there is a 2-300 yards long sand beach at " Storsand" (Great sand).


 The place Staviken


Staviken is a 1-1,5 mi long bay at the west cost and northern part of Lake Vänern where it is as widest. You can not see the other side of the lake. The location is chosen due to the natural harbour protection the bay gives. Important during old sailing conditions when the lake then, as well as now, quickly can be very tough to handle in a boat. 

Sta-viken, Sta is close to Stay also in Swedish and viken is "the bay" in Swedish.
Aerial view from the seventies.

The lighthouse place is located at the top of a 250 meter/yard peninsula in the bay opening. Towards main land it is most forests and some farming land. There is car road to the house.

It’s a very calm and secluded place for recovery and close to nature and the elements experience. Press satellite view for location. 



Walks etc.
There is a lot of wild life in the surroundings as seabirds, fish hawk, roe deer, moose, hare, etc; you might even observe a sea eagle. Closest neighbour is approx. 300 m/yard inland.


Photo, Goosander with chicks, 10 m from the sink.



There are not any organised footpaths or walks in the close neighbourhood but a lot of gravel roads and small forest path in the surrounding forest and farming landscape and then there are all the entire rocky waterside to check out, and then the whole Värmland with all its possibilities to discover.

Osprey or fish eagle has just made a catch in Staviken and is heading for land.















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We have one small rowing boat, 4-hp motor and one aluminium canoe.


The Region and location

The local region is called Värmlands Näs (Värmlands Cape), farming and forest landscape, and is a part of  County of Varmland.
There is 20 km/12 ml to the town Säffle 
with 16 000 inhabitant, which is the nearest shopping place.
We live in Karlstad, 60 km/37 mi at northeast, 50 min with car. Karlstad is the provincial town and the Karlstad region has about 100 000 inhabitant.
It is with car to Staviken, 3 h from Gothenburg, 3 h from Oslo and 4-5h from Stockholm.
You can fly to any of above or direct to Karlstad from Stockholm and Copenhagen (50 min).

For most peoples reference of needed flexibility and mobility I assume that a rented or own car is needed for transportation. There is public transportation to Säffle but the last 20 km/12 mi has to be by some other means as taxi or other. Airports above all have car rental.


The Lake

Lake Vänern is a fresh water lake and the biggest lake in Western Europe, area is 5650 km2 / 2180 square miles and it has 800 bigger islands, 22000 islets and skerries. Max deep is 106 m / 348 ft. The length is 140 km / 87 mi and total cost line is approx. 2000 km. / 1 250 mi. Vänern has connection to the sea through the river Göta älv and Trollhätte channel, 6 locks for 44 m / 144 ft level difference down to Gothenburg.
The capacity is ship size up to 292 ft long x 44 ft wide and 4000 ton.



There is a lot of fishing possibilities in the LakeVänern. Check the web.

Magnus wih a 10 kg pike caught outside Staviken at Strutsholmen.




Lighthouse facts in short 

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