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Stavik's lighthouse is located on the northern part of Värmlands Näs along the west coast of Vänren, where the lake is at its widest. To the east of the lighthous there is a 1.5 km deep bay where boats would seek shelter in bad weather in old times. Lake Vänren can quickly become rough in bad weather. The bay also provides protection today's for leisure boats.

The lighthouse has been home to three generations of Lighthouse keepers since it was built in 1860. From 2003, the Quist family (generation 5 and 6) owns the lighthouse, as they were able to buy it from Vänerns Segelationsstyrelse.

Since 2022, the lighthous is once again permanently inhabited as Anna-Lena and Gunno moved here full time.

On this website you will find information about the Lighthouse, the history and information about various renovations etc.

/Gunno & Anna-Lena Quist

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